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Acoustic Assassin

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What if you could increase the longevity of your expendables for topside and downhole equipment, while reducing signal noise and sync-up time? 

Sigma Drilling Technologies’ Acoustic Assassin®, is an inline acoustic baffling system designed to reduce high frequency energy signatures created from the operation of a reciprocating pump. This customizable solution will detune any system that is experiencing overly active acoustic signatures. This patent pending system allows for smoother operations, less wear and tear on components, more efficient operations, and many additional benefits.

  • Reduce high frequency energies
  • Utilizes flow through technology
  • Detunes piping system
  • Multi-chamber customizable design
  • Fantastic addition to Sigma’s CFC Kit

Acoustic harmonics in your pumping system can create several issues with varying results.  These issues can manifest as premature failure of pulsation and pumping equipment,  excessive pipe vibration, and signal sync issues. The Acoustic Assassin® utilizes flow through technology that alleviates the high frequency signal disruptions. When Sigma’s Assassin is coupled with Sigma’s Charge Free Conversion Kit®, the best energy mitigating system available is created.

The Acoustic Assassin® solves the operation problems common to reciprocating pumping systems experiencing high frequency acoustic resonance.

The Sigma Acoustic Assassin® is a flow through fixture utilizing patent pending internal baffling technology. The unit is designed to be installed inline on a reciprocating pumped system.

As the pumped media is pushed across the baffling system, The Assassin creates a forced reordering of the acoustic signature, or the high frequency energy waves and allows for a detuned system with massive energy reduction. Upon the discharge, the pumped media has significantly less energy, allowing for smoother operations with less premature failure of components.

Sigma Drilling Technologies’ Acoustic Assassin® can be customized to any pumping system or configuration. Different chamber configurations and baffling systems are available to completely customize your system’s performance. The Assassin works on pumping systems 10,000 PSI and higher. Steel components are only capable of absorbing so much energy before structural integrity is compromised. With the Acoustic Assassin® installed, your system absorbs significantly less energy and will simply last longer and perform better.

A combination of the Assassin and the CFC Kit will yield quiet media going to the production line and downhole, rivaling any other solution on the market.

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