Project Description

Charge-Free Conversion Kit

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The CFC Kit solves the operational problems common to gas filled bladders.

The Sigma D-CFC Kit does not use a bladder or gases. Rather, it utilizes a molded basket that contains a layered system of compression discs, each of which are comprised of four wedges.

The discs are specially molded to compress in a preset pressure range. The pumping fluid enters the basket and encases and interweaves through the network of compression discs. The operating pressure of the system is uniformly applied across the entire surface of the disc, causing the discs to compress under pressure load. The compression of the discs provides an attenuation of system induced pressure spikes.

The compression discs are molded in several different pressure ranges. The basket contains a mix of layered discs, providing dampening capability across a wide range of operating pressures. Sigma can custom tune a dampener device by providing a mix of pressure discs tailored to your needs.

The D-CFC Kit provides effective dampening across a range of pressures and operates reliably by eliminating dependence on gas filled bladders.

What if you could take all the benefits of both gas charged and maintenance free dampener solutions and combine them into one single solution? What would be the outcome?

Sigma Drilling Technologies’ discharge Charge Free Conversion Kit®, or D-CFC Kit, is a “fit and forget” solution. It is compatible with nearly all known gas charged pulsation dampeners that are currently being used in drilling applications. The patented system will convert your current gas charge dampener into a maintenance free style unit by utilizing proprietary, closed-cell rubber technology. This exciting system will give you all the benefits of both pulsation solutions.

  • Zero regular maintenance required
  • Significant performance gains from existing equipment
  • High performance across operation pressure bands
  • Safer operations without the introduction of gas
  • Improved MWD signal detection
  • Knocks out expensive bladder failures and service calls
  • Eliminates the need for pump skid re-designs
  • Saves you hassle, drilling time and money

The D-CFC Kit takes a traditional gas charge style dampener and converts it into a maintenance free style pulsation solution. This allows you to upgrade your current hardware and start enjoying the benefits of both types of pulsation control. Your existing gas charge dampener is lightweight and has a small footprint, and our kit fits right inside. Now your existing gas charge pulsation dampener will out perform your expectations, all without the regular maintenance.


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