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Emergency Pressure Relief Vent Valve


OCECO Type V-108 Emergency Pressure Relief Vent Valves are designed to provide additional venting capacity beyond that of the working vent to relieve excessive internal pressure resulting from unusual conditions.  Several examples of this condition may include:  exposure to fire, chemical reaction or failure of the breather vent to operate.

The protection provided by emergency vents is often required by municipal "Flammable Liquids Codes" to prevent the possibility of tank rupture and subsequent loss of product.

OCECO Type V-108 Vent Valves are corrosion resistant in petroleum as well as hydrocarbon storage applications.  They are stem guided with self closing covers that reseat themselves automatically after tank pressures have been relieved.  As these vents do not remain open longer than necessary, costly evaporation losses are prevented.

Special, spring loaded V-108's are available for higher relief settings.

Sizes: 6, 8 and 10 inches
Body: Carbon Steel
Valve Top: Aluminum or Cast Iron
Seat Ring: Aluminum or Stainless steel
Insert: Buna-N or Teflon
Flange: 125 lb. ANSI Standard
Minimum Maximum
Aluminum Valve: 3" WC 1 PSI
Cast Semi-Steel Valve: 7" WC 1 PSI
Valve Size A B C D E F Gross Wt. (lbs.)
6" 11 9 1/2 3/4-8 8 1/8 8 1/16 9 11/16 30
8" 13 1/2 11 3/4 3/4-8 13 3/8 9 7/8 12 3/8 60
10" 16 14 1/4 7/8-12 15 13/16 10 7/8 13 7/8 65

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