Project Description

SP-FRT375 False Rotary Table

Drilling involves pipe handling operations in a wellbore, and this in turn requires a false rotary table, a vital cog in the overall success of the operations. At ShalePumps, the need for constant improvement has resulted in an extensive range of precision engineered equipment, of which the false rotary table occupies the limelight.

This hydraulically driven false rotary table is guaranteed to seamlessly engage the tubulars in the wellbore. Pivotal to drilling operations are the sequence of engaging and lowering tubulars into the wellbore. The false rotary table manufactured at our facility is a fine example of harmony between design, materials and precision engineering.

Featuring a mighty load capacity of 1.3 million pounds operating at a maximum speed of 20 rpm, the false rotary table assists the drilling operations in continuous long drawn operations. Pipe handling requires the seamless and sturdy operation of the false rotary table.

ShalePumps, backed by substantive body of experience and knowhow has developed this high performance false rotary table to ably support drilling operations by incorporating a blend of advanced materials and precision engineering. With a guaranteed long life and trouble free run, the ShalePumps false rotary table spins other models out of reckoning.

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Internal spur gear ratio= 8.52/1
Hydraulic Requirements= 85 gpm at 3000 psi
Max Dynamic Capacity = 57,000 ft. lbs torque at 11 rpm
Max Speed = 20 rpm
Static Load Capacity = 1,300,000 lbs
Weight = 12,500 lbs (less master bushing)

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