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Pivotal to drilling and production, multiplex drilling pumps for sale have increased operational efficiency through the ability to ferry large volumes of fluid. At the heart of the quintuplex drilling pump developed by ShalePumps, lies a design that exploits the output of additional cylinders to curb pulsation variance.

Packed into physically smaller dimensions, the power packed quintuplex drilling pump assures a steady flow at the surface. With proven reliability, the quintuplex pump keeps the fluid in circulation, maintaining optimal pressure and volume, fetching debris effortlessly from the wellbore.

The featured quintuplex drilling pump combines structural superiority and engineering knowhow for enhanced life expectancy in continuous operations. Additionally, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) operations are substantially improved by the increased data transfer rate bandwidth.



The design accomplishes the added objective of extending life of downhole tools through operational precision of the quintuplex drilling pump. Improved rate of flow helps in cutting overall costs, dispensing with the need for many pumps. ShalePumps, possessing the technical expertise with an extensive range of proven solutions, takes great care to incorporate high quality components in every quintuplex drilling pump. The crankshafts, piston rods, liners, connecting rods, bearings etc are all of the highest quality. Each quintuplex drilling pump, despite the composition of high wear components, is guaranteed to offer longer continuous life.

ShalePumps is proud to bring the quintuplex design to a new level. Built to be smaller, lighter and smoother than any conventional triplex design. The addition of a fourth and fifth cylinder decreases pulsation variance to a minimal level. This increases accuracy and precision during LWD and MWD applications and increases the life expectancy of down-hole tools.


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