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SP-1614 Triplex – Drilling Pump

The effectiveness of mud pumps determines the success of drilling operations in rigs. Circulation of the drilling fluid or mud is a continuous process that calls for uninterrupted operations of the mud pumps. Finicky about how our equipment work, we at ShalePumps, go to extreme lengths before engineering modern beasts for continuous drilling operations in rigs.

Our state of the art Houston facility develops high performing mud pumps for drillings rigs by a combination of the best materials, and structural dynamics to put together some of the best equipment. Designed to be adapted for various drilling applications in rigs through designs that incorporate various liner sizes, the mud pumps that leave the assembly line at ShalePumps are mean and mighty workhorses. The mud pumps feature high performance steel power ends, balanced forged steel crankshaft, steel herringbone gears and anti-friction roller bearings. Striking the right balance between weight and performance, the mud pumps we make are best for drilling operations in rigs.

The mud pumps manufactured at ShalePumps have extended continuous duty cycles, and foolproof lubrication systems for smooth drilling operations in rigs. With mud pumps from ShalePumps the drilling operations in rigs will never be the weak link, but a pivot that spells success.

ShalePumps, LLC is proud to introduce the SP-1614 1600 HP Continuous Duty Triplex Drilling Pump. Engineering and rated for 1600 horse power at 110 strokes per minute with a 14” stroke capable of 7500 PSI. Manufactured in our Houston Texas facility, this pump defines longevity, quality and capability. The SP-1614 is designed to incorporate minimum weight and maximum performance using a high performance steel power end, a balanced forged steel crank shaft, steel herringbone gears and anti friction roller bearing throughout. Multiple liner sizes are available to allow variance in pressure and output volume for a variety of drilling applications. Download the performance chart for more detailed information.

SP-1614 Triplex – Drilling PumpEngineering Image -SP-1614 Triplex – Drilling Pump

Download the Installation Drawing

’Installation Image - SP-1614 Triplex – Drilling Pump


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