• Expertise: When it comes to the applications we work with, no one can touch the level of expertise we bring to the table.  Anyone you speak with at AES will be able to knowledgeably discuss your application with you.

  • Support: We are dedicated to helping you extract every penny out of every product or service we provide.  We come in and train your installers.  We help your managers build ROI forecasts.  We regularly follow up with operations and maintenance to remind them of upcoming inspection / repair intervals.  And we regularly follow up with decision makers to report on what’s working and what’s not.

  • Integrity:  We don’t mark up prices or hide fees.  We don’t withhold bad news (or good news).  We treat you the way that we want to be treated.

  • Timely Responses:  If we can’t answer your call on the first ring, we strive to get it on the second.

  • Consulting Approach: You don’t have to fend for yourself.  We’ll partner with you to find the best solution for your application (whether that’s with us, or with someone else).

  • Relationship Focused: We want to work with you over the next several DECADES.  Our customer service is centered around this extreme long-term focus.

  • We Want To Make Your Life Easy: We try to handle as much of the workload in buying or maintaining a product as possible.  You don’t have to follow up with us to get a quote or an answer.  You can focus on the tasks that will make you shine within your company.

“We have worked with AES for the past 15 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that AES knows us and our business.”


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